Question about Over the Air update in NCS_V2

Does the NCS V2 .x support OTA updates ? I used OTA update with encryption in older SDK and i was looking to migrate that to the new SDK. Is there some example or  guide to how to do the exact same implementation in NCS ? I know NCS uses mcuboot but does that mean that DFU and OTA is no longer supported in NCS ?

Thank you.

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  • Hi Abhijith,

    Thanks for the update. i will take a look into these threads and try them and get back to you. Thanks!

  • i get it now. MCUboot works fine. I can update via Bluetooth too. However, I need to add encryption too to this implementation. I have a ECDSA256 key and I want to add it to the MCUboot implementation. I am following this thread. However, I have a few problems while building. I am not building this  as a child image. Should I compulsorily build it as a separate child image ?

    Assuming that I need not, I went ahead and tried the following

    When I tried setting this kConfig option,


    the value was not set successfully and I understood that this option must be set for it to work.


    But I have not built any images for MCUboot to give as a hex path to this option. So i tried building the MCUboot with this as a reference. However I ran into errors while building MCUboot.

    Also, while working through this thread, when I tried to set the key type using the option 


    I could not find any such option in the Kconfig. Is that a deprecated one or am I doing something wrong ?

    I did find this in the \bootloader\mcuboot\boot\zephyr\prj.conf


    Is it the same thing as above ?

    I do not know if I am in the right path here. Please correct me if I am wrong at any point.