Programming nRF51822 and Questions about Dev Kit Usage

Hi, I am working on a small (1 inch square) bio-sensor project that needs Bluetooth capabilities. I like the nRF51822 and was looking into the dev board ( I noticed it had an Atmel chip on it (shown in the video). I figured it was for programming reasons after consulting the datasheet. For my application, I need the smallest amount of components, so I would just like to use the nRF51822. I was curious what are the programming options (IDE) that Nordic provides? Can I use the same package that I would with the dev board as described in this video Thanks

  • Hi,

    Yes the Atmel chip is the interface MCU that allows us to flash the device as well as provides a USB to UART converter so we can talk to the terminal. This is provided on board to make your life easier in early development. Once you move to your own custom PCB or a 3rd party module you will probably use an external programmer (i.e.

    You will see that this board we provide doesn't have an interface MCU. ( For this you would by a flasher like the one I listed above and connect it to the 6 pin header when you want to flash your device. This 6 pin header can be broke off (if you are using a bootloader or no longer need to flash your device) to make the chip smaller.

    We support Keil uVision (best support with our examples), GCC (you can use eclipse IDE or just vim etc..), IAR as well as mbed. Also pyOCD will work with our chip.

    The youtube link your provided didnt work.

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