low drive, Low frequency I/O in nrf52832

hi dev

Thanks to all your answers to my questions, my project has become very easy.

Today's question is the same as the subject : low drive, Low frequency I/O

During my c program, I am in the process of pin assignment and learned about "low drive, Low frequency I/O "

In 52832 datasheet, there are 10 pin of "Low drive, low frequency I/O only" from P0.22 to P0.31.

 and I was able to check the following information.

 - Low frequency I/O is a signal with a frequency up to 10 kHz.

 - Radio performance parameters, such as sensitivity, may be affected by high frequency digital I/O with large sink/source current close to the Radio power supply and antenna pins.

So I checked that "low drive, Low frequency I/O" is a port related to radio, or rf communication.

in my project, I don't use rf, rf communication and NFC. I only use ble as beacon receiver. 

what I'm wondering is that it is possible to assign this low frequency I/O with gpio pins such as led on/off or switched on/off?

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