Error 133 (0x85) Gatt Error

The issue in detail:

  •   SoC: nRF52810
  •   Softdevice: S112 v6.1.0

We are using nrf52 as a peripheral device on one side and the nrf connect application as a central device on the other. While the Application discovers devices for the first time, peripherals occur in the scan list, and then the central initializes the connection status and the bond is created.

After many connect statuses between the same peers, while we are trying to connect the GATT, we get GATT error 133. After I click on connect, it takes 30 secs of delay and after that, we receive Error 133. so when we remove data from the scanner and we established again the bond the connection will be fixed but the problem appears one more time after many other connect statuses.

  • Hi,

    Is the central an Android device? Unfortunately error 133 is a form of catch-all error, which does not say much about the actual issue.

    Do you have some logging on the nRF side? Does this happen with a regular interval? (say every 20 times you connect or similar)? Is re-pairing generally allowed on the nRF, or could it be that for some reason the bond gets deleted on the nRF side after a certain amount of time? Perhaps full flash or something else? this is just speculations though, more information from debugging and logging etc would be needed to say something more specific.

  • yes the central is an android device, and the number of iterations is not periodic, I will check if there is a condition that makes the bond deleted on the nRF side after a certain time or after a number of connect statuses.