How to Send messages from nrf mesh app to nrf52840?

Hi All:

Now we are delveloping BLE Mesh using nrf52840 sdk( v5.0.0) and use light_switch example.

It is important for us to send 10 bytes of  message from nrf mesh app to nrf52840 device.

In the Android-nRF-Mesh library, it has a feature to send messages to vendor models.

After successful provision and set the publications and subscriptions,the Mesh APP can control the light state (on/off) of nrf52840. 

We also can transmit 10 bytes of data from light_switch client to server by using the command of "access_model_publish(access.c)" as below.
      status = access_model_publish(p_client->model_handle, &p_client->access_message.message);

We hope the mesh APP can send segmented messages to the nrf52840 device.

How to set vendor models in nrf52840 and send n(n=10) bytes of segmented messages from nrf mesh app to nrf52840 device? 

Below is the android sdk for nRF Mesh.  

Is there a sample code for reference? How can do step by step?

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