How to program 1000x nrf51822 for big run scale.


I made my prototype board using the nrf51822 chip. for this prototype i use an on-board connector + external programmer to flash the nrf51822 chip.

image description

that's work fine but i'm planning to make a big run of 1000 beacon boards. i don't think i'll make the flashing of each nrf chip the same way as i made for the prototype. it's annoying to do the programming of each chip apart and it will take a lot of time.

So i want to know how the professional industry flashes their devices like nrf or any other microcontorllers for big run ?

did nordicsemi sell a flashed nrf chip? meaning i give him my program and they provide me for example 1000 nrf chip with the program already installed in the memory chip ?

waiting for your helpful propositions.

Best regards,

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