button exmaple is not working in SDK version 9.0.0

Hello evryone,

i cloned button example form github to sdk version 9.0.0 and i modified the neccesary changes between app.gpiote.c//nrf_drv_gpiote.c files and set the GPIOTE ENABLED to 0 after that it is getting compiled with no errors but the baord shows nothing if the press any of the button can anyone suggest me what modifications has to be done or any changes?


Thank you


  • Hi prabhudurai,

    still havent gone through your code, but had a quick look. I saw this below code in your init_gpio() function


    This is wrong as you are setting every other bits to '0' and only setting the drive strength. With this the pin will be configured as input. To do this correctly, you need to do this below

    NRF_GPIO->PIN_CNF[6] &= ~(GPIO_PIN_CNF_DRIVE_Msk); // reset drive setting
    NRF_GPIO->PIN_CNF[6] |= (GPIO_PIN_CNF_DRIVE_H0D1 << GPIO_PIN_CNF_DRIVE_Pos); // set to high drive

    you need to do this for pin settings 7 also.

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