mesh app

We using SDK V17.0.2 and SDK for mesh V5.0.0 for our Nordic devices and we using the Nordic app for android mobile(nRF mesh)  to config our device to a network mesh and to groups of publish and subscriptions for our messages .

My question is there is a way to config our devices more quickly than the app or there is a way to config number of devices and not one by one using the app mobile?

  • Hi,

    The nRF Mesh app is an example app suited for development. It is not meant for end customers, installation, production, etc. For a real end product we think it is much better to have a custom app, made specifically for the product. Similarly, for some test and/or development work it may be better to have in-house tools for the job. You can build any app on top of the nRF Mesh libraries available on github: The mesh library for Android and the mesh library for iOS. With a custom app built on those libraries, you should be able to automate any process needed for your particular use case.

    For development and/or test setups, other options include using the serial interface, and for instance the interactive PyACI script for automatically configuring a mesh network from python scripts or commands.