Bootloader power consumption measurement


We using NRF52833/40 peripheral - central project , to save flash memory we are moving to single bank flash logic. to be sure that the bootloader will not leak we want to measure the bootloader power consumption.

There is away to burn the bootloader with soft device and app and stay in the bootloader?


  • Hi S_C,

    From your choice of terms and interest, I am guessing you are using the nRF5 SDK, and you are trying to setup DFU over BLE.

    There are a few options you can consider.

    1. You can configure the bootloader so that it can be entered with a button. Please refer to the Bootloader documentation for how:
    2. The most current consuming operation of the bootloader is the download of the new application. You can start a DFU process and measure the current when the file is being downloaded.
    3. If you want to measure the current of the bootloader staying idling, then you can just flash only the SoftDevice first, and then the bootloader. This should give you the scenario where the bootloader is advertising as a DFU Target.

    Please let me know if you have any other questions. Please also note that it is Easter holiday in Norway until Monday 10 April, and our responses can be delayed and slow during this time. Our apologies for the inconveniences.