Announcing the nRF Connect for Cloud Device API Preview

We are happy to announce our first release of the nRF Connect for Cloud Device API!

Connect your BLE, LTE/NB-IoT or any other device to our free IoT development platform and interact with that device through a straight-forward RESTful API.

Get started on

We have examples for accessing Bluetooth Low Energy services through our mobile gateways (available for Android and iOS):

Or you can use the Thingy:52 to receive alerts via webhooks (e.g. in Slack) if the temperature rises above a certain level:

Last and probably most exciting is the ability to connect to our API with MQTT using your own custom device, or one of our LTE or NB-IoT DKs (if you are lucky and can get your hands on the nRF91):

We are eager for any kind of feedback! Please hit us with any small or big thing that you can think of! The project is in an early stage and your feedback will have a big impact. You can reach us via or of course here in DevZone.

Happy connecting!