nrf51822 in EYSGJNAWY-WX

Hello All
My English is not good, so Sorry
I have a question like this

I have self BLE unit - EYSGJNAWY-WX from TAIYO YUDEN firm
That has nrf51822 CPU and 32.000 crystal ( i have not KIT like examle nrf51 DK etc)
but his srvices they do not suit me, so I want write my services
I took a ready-made example from Keil - "Template Project" as start
it was compaled good. No errors, All good.
I Load to Flash SoftDevice at 0x000000 adress, then App at 0x1B000. Started under debbuger and App stoped on main() function. All good.
But! when i go step-by-step, in call - ble_stack_init() App is Loop forever.
I do not know why ????
what i do incorrect

But all examples thet i'w tryed, worked is same !!!

In Deeper in function
- uint32_t softdevice_handler_init() on line
- err_code = sd_softdevice_enable(clock_source, softdevice_fault_handler);
never return from there