iBasis Global Access for Things Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Inside every nRF9160 DK there is a eSIM from iBasis. Below is a FAQ related to iBasis global access for things.

1. Q: How can I determine how much data is left in my current data plan?

    A: Your nRF Cloud LTE device dashboard will show the status of your nRF9160 Development Board along with the percent of data remaining in your current plan.

2. Q: How can I purchase more cellular data from the iBasis Global Access for Things worldwide cellular IoT service?

    A: A “Buy More Data” button will appear at the top of your nRF Cloud LTE device dashboard when your current data plan is almost depleted.  When you select the “Buy More Data” button, a data “Top-Up” page will be launched allowing you to select and pre-pay for a Top-Up data plan with your credit card.

3. Q: : What is an eSIM? 

    A: eSIM stands for embedded SIM, which is an over-the-air electronically programmable SIM. eSIMs also come in standard “removable” 2FF, 3FF and 4FF formats like those that are in your personal mobile devices.

4. Q: What is an ICCID?

    A: ICCID stands for Integrated Circuit Card Identifier. The ICCID can be found on your eSIM card. It is the first two lines and is 18 digits.

5. Q: What is a PUK?

    A: A PUK is an eSIM personal unlocking key.  Scratch off the area in the upper right corner of your Triple Punch eSIM Card to reveal the PUK.

6. Q: If my hardware was unable to automatically obtain the cellular network access point name (APN), which APN should I use?

    A: ibasis.iot

7. Q: In which countries has the nRF9160 Development Kit with iBasis eSIM been tested with LTE-M or NB-IoT cellular service?

    A: Please see the country list at the following link http://iot.ibasis.com/network-coverage. Since your included iBasis Global Access for Things eSIM is a GSMA standards compliant programmable SIM, you only need a single global eSIM in all your devices regardless of where they are deployed in the world.  iBasis enters into contracts with many mobile Operators around the world – so you don’t have to!  We will connect your device to our best available network connection in your country.

8. Q: If I am still having issues with connecting to the mobile data network after searching for online help in the Nordic DevZone forum, how can I contact iBasis for support and what information do I need to provide?                                                                                                                                      

    A: If You determine a connectivity issue is not related to Your Hardware and is not with Your application, You should contact iBasis support in the form of a "trouble ticket" by e-mail at support@ibasis.net.

Trouble ticket information must be submitted in English language only and include the following information:

Your Name (Mandatory)

Your Service : IoT Nordic Developer Data (Mandatory)

ICCID (found on the eSIM card) (Mandatory)

Timestamp with timezone (Mandatory)

Description of issue (Mandatory)

Country You are trying to connect in (Mandatory)

APN (Mandatory)

Impact (Number of devices impacted) (Mandatory)

Device Type (Optional)

Device Functionality (Optional) 

9. Q: How long can I expect to wait for my trouble ticket to be addressed?

    A: Maximum of three working days.  Most tickets will be addressed sooner.

10. Q: Can I receive another eSIM card if it is damaged?                                                  

     A: If your eSIM card is damaged and no longer usable, please contact Nordic Sales for a replacement.

11. Q: How do I reach iBasis once I have completed my IoT product design and am ready to create a production account for iBasis global cellular IoT service and order eSIMs in quantity?

     A: You can reach iBasis at the following link http://iot.ibasis.com/contact to request production service.

12 Q: Where can I go to learn more about the iBasis Global Access for Things cellular IoT service offered in all worldwide locations on standards based next generation embedded SIM (eSIM) technology?

     A: You can learn more about the iBasis Global Access for Things service at the following link http://iot.ibasis.com

13 Q: Where can I find Terms and Conditions related to the iBasis Global Access for Things service? 

     A: Terms and Conditions for the iBasis Global Access for Things service can be found at the following link http://iot.ibasis.com/terms_and_conditions_ns

14 Q: Where can I find the Privacy Policy related to the iBasis Global Access for Things service?

     A: The Privacy Policy for the iBasis Global Access for Things service can be found at the following link http://iot.ibasis.com/privacy_policy_ns