nRF Connect for Cloud Certificate Update

The content of this guide is now covered in the documentation on Infocenter. For the most up-to-date instruction to Update Cloud Certificate please follow this link

  • I have an early nrf9160 (PCA10090 v 0.8.2).

    I have updated the modem fw to the newest.

    I have updated the certificate without problems.
    I have built (via Segger) and installed the newest release version of the asset_tracker onto the board.

    I register the SIM via nrfCloud, install the SIM, and turn on the device.

    Now after 11 minutes, it still doesn't connect to the network (LTE).
    Finally after around 13 minutes, this is output to the log, and the LTE icon turns solid gray (in the LTE Link Monitor app):
    %CESQ: 29,1,17,2
    +CEREG: 2,"26AC","00B14F8C",9
    [00:12:09.635,650] [0m lte_lc.parse_nw_reg_status: Network registration status: 2 [0m
    +CNEC_EMM: 15
    [00:12:09.925,964] [1;31m lte_lc: Could not parse AT+CEREG response, error: -11
    [0m[00:12:09.934,051] [1;31m lte_lc: Could not get network registration status[0m
    +CEREG: 4,"26AC","00B14F8C",9
    [00:12:09.944,763] [0m lte_lc.parse_nw_reg_status: Network registration status: 4[0m
    %CESQ: 255,0,255,0
    [00:12:09.993,286] [0m lte_lc.parse_nw_reg_status: Network registration status: 4[0m

    Then after a bit longer, the LTE stays gray, but the signal strength indicator shows 3 out of 4, while the Current Band shows N/A.

    The Chart shows some activity too. A green line appears showing reference signal power. But at the same time an event (in the chart) says "No suitable cells in tracking area".

    I'm living in Denmark, where the iBasis website says there's national coverage.

    What's going on? Thanks in advance.

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