Hardware design and RF tests

  • Using nRF9160 against R&S CMW500 (or CMW290) in signalling callbox mode

    This blog clarifies what are the basic requirements when nRF9160 is used in signalling/RF testing against R&S CMW290/500 test setups. Setting up: When setting cell and configuration parameters (from GUI config button), note that all RLC modes hav...
    • 31 Mar 2020
  • Measuring PSM idle current on the nRF91 DK

    In this blog I will go through how to measure current on the nRF91 DK (PCA10090 v0.8.5) and how you can achieve the lowest current consumption with PSM (Power Saving Mode) mode. For earlier versions of the DK please have a look at Bjørn's answ...
    • 28 May 2019
  • External GPS antenna on nRF9160 DK

    The nRF9160 DK comes with an on-board antenna for GPS, but on some boards this antenna is not functional on board versions up to and including v0.8.2 due to this errata. It can also be very practical to attach an external GPS antenna when doing devel...
    • 24 May 2019