Nordic Thingy:52 node.js/Raspberry Pi demos

Our brilliant apps engineers continue to play around with our newly-launched Nordic Thingy:52. This time, Joakim has prepared a few Javascript demos using node.js and a Raspberry Pi.

The Thingy connects to the Raspberry Pi with Bluetooth and uses it as an internet gateway. The Raspberry Pi runs the node.js scripts. The provided examples, which you can download below the video, include:

  • An example where all environmental sensor data is pushed to an online Firebase database.
  • An IFTTT example, where data form the Thingy triggers actions online.
  • An internet radio streaming example, where internet radio is streamed to the Nordic Thingy:52 and played back through the internal speaker.

The node.js scripts are multi-platform of course, and everything can be downloaded from this GitHub repository:

Visit this page to learn more about the Nordic Thingy:52:

Feel free to comment or ask questions below!

Thanks; The Nordic People

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  • great stuff, I am ready to start with it :) Just a quick one... can I use this code repo, together with the nRF52840 PDK plugged on the PI? Reason being I would like to test soon a setup using Bluetooth 5.0 with several nRF52840 nodes, including also a couple of Thingys