Online Power Profiler for LTE

The tool is based on a model of measured values and is not showing the actual measurement. The result is therefore an estimate of the expected value. It is meant for evaluation purposes only and will not give the exact numbers in every use case.

The measurements which the model is based upon are conducted on a nRF9160 module while communicating with a CMW500 Radio Communication Tester. This controlled test environment represents in many cases ideal conditions which may not be reproducible in a real network. It does not consider poor signal conditions which would result in different CE levels and repetitions.

Further, different networks support different parameters which can affect the current consumption. This tool does not give the opportunity to change every possible network configuration parameter, thus in some cases the modeled values will deviate from what is seen in a real network. Please see this page to get the network parameters used in the model.

The tool does not show peak currents. The different bars in the graph show the average current within a specified event type, e.g. iDRX event. The radio RX/TX will typically give the highest peak currents, but it is only a small part of the event itself, hence the average current will be lower than the peak current. Please refer to the nRF91 Product Specification for expected min/max values for the different current components.

If you experience any issues with this tool, please post a question here on Devzone. Any feedback is appreciated.