Debug ATSAM3U2C from nRF51822 mKit in Windows

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asked 2014-08-07 10:05:13 +0100

Hello everyone!

Firs of all consider I'm very new in micro controllers programming/debugging, so your patience would be much appreciated.

I have a nRF51822 mKit like the one below and what I really need is to debug the firmware from the Atmel ATSAM3U2C on it.

image description

Till now, what I achieved is to compile my own bootloader firmware (which is the default given by Nordic with some "print" added), compile it on a bin file and install on the chip by connecting it in bootloader mode... and just works fine, same as the default one. I was able to load app through mbed compiler as before.

Then, searching in this web and others, I watches some tutorials and what I saw is you can debug the chip directly through USB without any debugger with pyOCD.

I installed it, all wrking fine, but when I run the gdb_server.py file in test folder I get the following message either I try in normal mode or bootloader mode:

image description

I don't think the problem are the drivers because as I said before the kit works just fine with mbed compiler.

So if anyone could give me a push with a small tutorial or some instructions on how to achieve that I would be very grateful. I only need to see the prints I made on a console.

In case you tell me debugging directly with USB it is not possible with the nRF51822 I also have the ULINK2 debugger from Keil, which as far as I read, it is compatible with the mKit.

Thanks a lot in advance!

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answered 2014-08-07 16:53:51 +0100

The MBed-compiler does not use the CMSIS interface directly to program. It uses the Mass-storage device class. I've seen that if windows automatically downloads the mbed drivers, it does not seem to enumerate the CMSIS DAP debugger properly, only the MBED MSD drive.

Try downloading the drivers from mbed and plug the kit into a new usb-port to see if the "CMSIS-DAP" is enumerated in Devices and Printers:


Cheers, Håkon

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