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asked 2017-09-13 11:25:19 +0100

Hi all,

i'm trying to use the function of power warning with s132 and nrf52 with sdk 11.

i use the function

  err_code = sd_power_pof_threshold_set( NRF_POWER_THRESHOLD_V27);

   err_code = sd_power_pof_enable(POWER_POFCON_POF_Enabled);

but seems that it not set correctly the threshold. I expect that warning occurs when voltage goes under 2,7. But what i can see is that the warning occurs with 2.0 V.

if i try to set the value register "manually" NRF_POWER->POFCON = 0x1D; the softdevice goes in assert.

Can help me?


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answered 2017-09-14 12:41:31 +0100

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This is probably due to a known bug in S132 v2.0.0 which is fixed in S132 v2.0.1. If you are using v2.0.0 I suggest that you upgrade it. An upgrade between minor version numbers like this causes no breaking API challenges or qualification issues.

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