Using Diode With 4.2V LiPo?

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asked 2017-10-12 19:49:34 +0100

I'm using the NRF51822 for a project that will be powered by a lithium battery. I'm wondering if it would be safe to use a diode (such at this one) to drop the 4.2V LiPo maximum down to the 3.6V operating range. I realize I could use a Lithium Manganese battery to do this but I'll be powering up to 5 leds in the outdoors so I will need something with a larger capacity.

Would this be a safe approach or do I need some kind of regulator?

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This will work with a few caveat. Make sure its safe across the temperature spectrum and current variations. Vf varies with these parameters. This isn't great practice but it works.

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I'm wondering if it would be safe to use a diode

Not sure about safety. You can use it for prototyping.

However, using a regulator or a buck converter will be better.

Since you are using a Lithium battery, how are you going to prepare a charging circuit?


  • you use a 1000mAh, or higher, battery

  • the total current consumption will be less than 150mA

or use a boost converter to power the LEDs

  • you USB to charge the Lithium battery

then I can recommend TI’s BQ25010RHLR, a Li-ion charger + buck converter.

This is just an example; if this not your situation,

contact vendors which sell buck converters and Lithium battery chargers

and they will provide a suitable one for you.

If you are interested in the BQ25010RHLR,

TI E2E question - heat problem

TI E2E question - schematic for BQ25010, configuring 3V

check these out.

-Best regards, MANGO

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