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I know this has been touched on in other posts but I can't find a definitive answer.

I am making a product that sends data from a handheld joystick to a base station using Bluetooth (think of it like a remote controlled car). I am making both the controller and the base station, and there will only ever be comms between the two halves. I am thinking of using the Laird BL652 module on a custom PCB at both ends.

I do not want to use the word Bluetooth, trademark or any reference to Bluetooth (the industry I'm in doesn't 'trust' Bluetooth, so this is being marketed as a RF device).

As both ends are using BT modules that are 'qualified End Product' modules which are unmodified, and as I am making on reference to Bluetooth, do I still need to pay the $8000 to get the product listed?

Thank you

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answered 2018-01-12 14:29:52 +0100

Hi Martin!

When using a pre-qualified module with no modifications, you will only need to declare your product. In general, all products using Bluetooth technology have to be declared with Bluetooth SIG.
Bluetooth is a licensed technology, so even if you don't use the Bluetooth trademark or any reference to Bluetooth, you will still have to declare your product when using patented bluetooth technology.

Quote Bluetooth SIG:
If you are creating a product using an already qualified Bluetooth design (module or stack)—and you aren't changing anything—or adding your logo to and selling another member’s qualified Bluetooth product, you will not need to go through the qualification process. You will need to obtain the QDID from your supplier to use in the Declaration process.

Take a look at Bjørn's answer in this post.

This post might also be of interest.

You could apply to the Innovation Incentive Program if your company meets the criterias.

The Innovation Incentive Program is available to our start-up members. The program allows companies with less than one million in revenues and no prior product listings—Declaration, QDL or EPL—to declare up to two listings for an introductory fee of $2,500 each.

Bluetooth SIG has a lot of information about this on their website;
Do I need to declare or qualify my product?
Qualify your product
Declare your product
Qualification Listing Fees
Bluetooth Qualification Consultants
Bluetooth SIG Membership

Best regards,

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