Wi-Fi Scan Sample causing error (Boot_sig check failed for RPU(0))


I am flashing a modified version of the wifi scan sample onto my nrf7002dk. Most of the time, the firmware will run and return the expected results. Sometimes, I will get this error:

[00:00:11.135,345] <err> wifi_nrf: wifi_nrf_hal_fw_chk_boot: Boot_sig check failed for RPU(0), Expected: 0x5A5A5A5A, Actual: 0xAAAAAAAA

[00:00:11.135,437] <err> wifi_nrf: wifi_nrf_fmac_fw_load: LMAC ROM boot check failed

[00:00:11.135,437] <err> wifi_nrf: wifi_nrf_fmac_dev_add_zep: wifi_nrf_fmac_fw_load failed

[00:00:11.135,467] <err> wifi_nrf: wifi_nrf_drv_main_zep: wifi_nrf_fmac_dev_add_zep failed

[00:00:11.135,772] <err> wifi_nrf: wifi_nrf_if_init_zep: Device wlan0 is not ready

[00:00:11.136,016] <err> wifi_nrf: wifi_nrf_if_start_zep: Device wlan0 is not ready

And the scanning fails. What is causing the error and how do I prevent this from happening?



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