Advertising custom data

hello , 

 We are working on nRF52832 module we are using BLE part right now. and we have one query that we want to advertise our own data. using this nRF52 Beacon. so can u guys help us in this matter. we want to advertise our company name and some specific data too. 

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  • I mean is that any new(UPDATED) SDK variant you have ??  because I didn't found any Broadcaster example code in nRF5_SDK_17.1.0 . 

    Also, can you please help me to find the nearby device using nRF52832. 

    What I want is :- 

    1).  I want to update my BLE so I can easily advertise my custom data in one BLE.

    2)  I have one another BLE(nRF52832) , using this device I want to scan all nearby device. and want to see all scanned device's advertised data.

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