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 We are working on nRF52832 module we are using BLE part right now. and we have one query that we want to advertise our own data. using this nRF52 Beacon. so can u guys help us in this matter. we want to advertise our company name and some specific data too. 

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  • For nRF5 SDK, v17.1.0 is the latest. nRF5 SDK is in maintenance mode, and you should not expect any new features added to this SDK variant. The ble_app_beacon example I linked in my last reply is the best starting point for a broadcaster application in this SDK. There is no dedicated scanning/observer example in nRF5 SDK, but it is easy to modify one of the central applications to not connect and print every advertising packet received. I'm sure there exist examples doing this here on DevZone if you use the search function.

    For new development, nRF Connect SDK is the recommended SDK to use (also for nRF52 series devices). In nRF Connect SDK, you can find a Bluetooth: Observer sample that can be used to scan for beacons.

  • Hello,

    Could you please assist us in the following points:- 

    1. Is it possible to change read/write characteristic of the module? If yes, how can we do it?
    2. We are using ” nRF Connect SDK ” as per your recommendation and using Visual Studio Code for debugging the samples. what is the best way to print the logs in the VS Code console?
    3. Which sample do you recommend us to implement UART communication with controller?
    4. Which sample do you recommend us to implement mobile device connectivity and send/receive data via mobile application?

    It would be a great help if you could assist us. 

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