How to Scaning Other Bluetooth Device Using nRF52833

Hi everyone,

I am new here. I wanna develope a module using nrf52833 for observing other bluetooth device like "nrf Connect For Desktop-> nrf connect for desktop bluetooth low energy standalone App" attached image. I have tried to run example projects(ble_app_uart_c_pca10100_s122 ) but i couldnt find i wanted. The codes waiting command from user as i understand. i am using nrf52 first time. Which example project is more similar to what I want? Many thanks.

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  • Hello again,

    Thank you for your patience with this - I have been out of office due to the national easter holiday here in Norway, but now I am back.

    Huseyin T. said:
    i couldn't find any pc or mobile phone during ble scaning with nrf but when i was scanning ble device with my mobile phone i can find all devices. How can i find or connect to pc or mobile phone.

    Could you confirm that you had the phone and PC configured as an advertising central while you were scanning for them?
    The default of PCs and smartphones is to be a central, and so when you select the native 'pair a new device' option it will begin to scan for advertising packets from the other device. Since a scanner only receives radio communication, and never transmitts any of its own, it will not be possible to find scanners that are active (it is not possible to 'scan for scanners'), and so you need to explicitly configure the smartphone or pc to be a peripheral / to be advertising. You can do this by using the nRF Connect application, for instance.

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