Current measurements accuracy with Power Profiler Kit 2

Hello everyone,

I am working on a low consumption product and to optimize it I was using the PPKII to analyze my tuning.

I had strange observations so that I decided to do a very simple setup to compare my multimeter and the PPKII.

The setup is easy : a 440,8kΩ resistance in serie with an ampere meter and the PPKII. A battery of 3,78V has been used to ensure stability in the alimentation. Electric scheme linked.

I was attempting to read a 3,78V / 440,8kΩ = 0,0086 mA = 8,6 µA.

On my multimeter ref UNI-T UT139C I have 8,7µA which is good.

On the PPKII I have 0,61 µA ! Where could come such a difference ? I join the ppk file to my message if someone wants to open it and see that it last a few mili seconds before stabilizing to 0,61 µA.

Thank you in advance for your help !

Best regards,


Impression Schématique.pdf


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