about nrf9160 slm mqtt tls1.2


    1、How can I  setting cipher suite version? When I was doing tls bidirectional authentication.

     I can't find the AT comand.
                      thanks a lot !


  • The <op> parameter is an integer. It can accept one of the following values:

    • 0 - Disconnect from the MQTT broker.

    • 1 - Connect to the MQTT broker using IP protocol family version 4.

    • 2 - Connect to the MQTT broker using IP protocol family version 6.

  • The <username> parameter is a string. It indicates the MQTT client username.

  • The <password> parameter is a string. It indicates the MQTT client password in cleartext.

  • The <url> parameter is a string. It indicates the MQTT broker hostname.

  • The <port> parameter is an unsigned 16-bit integer (0 - 65535). It indicates the MQTT broker port.

  • The <sec_tag> parameter is an integer. It indicates the credential of the security tag used for establishing a secure connection.

  • hi,everyone:

          I'm testing the nrf9160 dk,I want to connect to the cloud server through mqtt tls1.2.

         1、SLM version
        2、hardware   nrf9160 dk
          already write certificate.

       3、I want connect to the cloud server through Mutual TLS authentication


          sep2: which AT command can set ssl/tls version?
          setp3: which AT command can set ssl/tls 
          sep4: which AT command can set ciphersuite?

    best regards!

  • Hi,

    You can look in the documentation at modem key management library and how to manage modem credentials. Please note that you need to create new Security tag with some other value than what is shown because default one is used for connection to the nRF Cloud. TLS credentials will be written to the new sec tag that you have chosen. For writing, reading, deleting and checking the existence of keys and certificates, you can use %CMNG AT command.

    Best regards,

  • hi,dejans
        1: The test of connected cloud service with certificate is ok;
        2: Now test tls1.2 two-way authentication, there are three parameters I do not know how to pass to the server
                 a: tls version
                 b: tls protocol
                  c: ciphersuite
         I don't know what AT command to send to the server.

        Best regards

  • Hi,

    There are no MQTT AT commands that you could use for this purpose, and you do not need to do that. Modem is handling these parameters automatically in its communication with the server.

    Best regards,

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