GPIOTE not working in NRF Connect SDK

I am migrating one of Segger Embedded Studio based project to NRF Connect SDK for nrf53 series of board. 

I migrated the function that uses GPIOTE feature using relevant APIs. However, it's not working as expected. I wasn't able to find any example codes as well on this.

Below is my code. I am trying to set a LED to high when the event (LOTOHI)  is triggered on TEST_PIN. However, when there is a state change from Low-High on TEST_PIN, the control isnt entering the handler function. I needed some help in correcting the code if something is incorrect in the way I have configured GPIOTE in the code. 

My prj.conf has CONFIG_NRFX_GPIOTE=y included

int gpio_init()
    gpio0 = device_get_binding(DEVICE_DT_NAME(DT_NODELABEL(gpio0)));
    gpio1 = device_get_binding(DEVICE_DT_NAME(DT_NODELABEL(gpio1)));

    led_err = gpio_pin_configure(gpio1, LED_PIN, GPIO_OUTPUT | GPIO_OUTPUT_INIT_LOW);

void in_pin_handler(nrfx_gpiote_pin_t pin, nrfx_gpiote_trigger_t trigger)
    gpio_pin_set(gpio0, LED_PIN, HIGH);

void gpio_setting_init(void)
    nrfx_err_t err_code;
    static uint8_t in_channel;

    err_code = nrfx_gpiote_channel_alloc(&in_channel);
    err_code = nrfx_gpiote_init(NRFX_GPIOTE_DEFAULT_CONFIG_IRQ_PRIORITY);

   static const nrfx_gpiote_input_config_t in_config_test =
        .pull = NRF_GPIO_PIN_NOPULL,

   /*Finds rising edge instead of just toggling*/
    static const nrfx_gpiote_trigger_config_t trigger_config_test = {
		.p_in_channel = &in_channel,

	static const nrfx_gpiote_handler_config_t handler_config_test = {
		.handler = in_pin_handler,

    /*gpiote initialization has been done in clock and timer initialization, no need to do it again*/
    err_code = nrfx_gpiote_input_configure(TEST_PIN, &in_config_test, &trigger_config_test, &handler_config_test);

    nrfx_gpiote_trigger_enable(TEST_PIN, true);

    LOG_INF("nrfx_gpiote initialized");