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How do I calculate throughput for a BLE link?

How can I calculate the maximum throughput for an application running on the nRF51822 and the S110, when connecting to different kind of Central devices?

  • Hi, I'm still confused about few things.

    How can I calculate the maximum throughput for a ble link between peripheral and central device ? I'm sending a packet (20bytes = 160 bits) every 40ms until send a total of 1000 packets.

    R = (160*1000)/40s = 4000bps => 3.9kbps

    That is a correct way for calculate throughput for ble ?? and the max and min connection interval ? at this moment my parameters are:



    How do these values ​​interfere with my calculations? I dont understand your examples because my propose is calculate throughput after sending 1000 packets.

    Thank you for everyone and please, help me :)


  • As stated above, the throughput is dependent on the connection interval, and you can take a look at this question for an explanation of connection parameters:

    If you want to transfer data every 40 ms, you should use a connection interval of 40 ms. For a link with a connection interval of 40 ms, max throughput will be 6 * 20 B * 1/(0.040 s) = 3 kB/s if your devices are capable of transferring six packet per interval and 1 * 20 B * 1/(0.040 s) = 0.5 kB/s if you transfer one packets per interval.

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