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flashing to NRF52

I have the following:

  • Dev board PCA10040
  • SDK nRF52_SDK_0.9.2_dbc28c9
  • Mac OSx

I was able to compile the blinky example and have the .hex in the _build folder. Pardon me but this is the first time that i am working with a nordic platform.

Copied the .hex file to the JLINK drive and the drive disconnected and reconnected to my Mac. Is this the expected behavior?

I do not see any of the GPIOs toggling and all it does it that the LD5 keeps blinking green when i power it using a usb power supply.

How can i get this blinky example successfully uploaded to my dev board?


  • The drag and drop function seems a little unstable with PCA10040 hex files, it seems it only works after a full erase have been done with nrfjprog or nRFgo studio. I suggest you use nrfjprog (a part of nRF command line tools) or nRFgo studio for flashing. You can find them here.

    If LD5 is blinking it may indicate that the programming chip is in bootloader state. Do the disk say "BOOTLOADER"? In that case turn on and off the DK. If you dragged the hex file over while the programming chip was in bootloader state you may want to upload the original bootloader again. See the DK user guide for more.

    EDIT: I noticed that you are using Mac OSx. See this blog or this blog for which tools to use.

  • It says JLINK when i plug to my mac and LD5 blinks when i power it using a USB power adaptor.

    I will try out the blog method and see how it goes :)

    EDIT: Great! The Jlink method worked!