Blink an LED in Emulated System OFF ??

Hi, I would like to be able to provide a visual indicator such as a blinking LED when the chip is in the Emulated System OFF mode. Note that if the chip is in DEBUG mode and a System OFF command is issued, then the chip will go into emulated System OFF mode. In the reference manual, it recommends putting an infinite loop right after the System OFF instruction so that "normal" code will not be accidentally be executed. Well, instead of a loop that does nothing I would like to put code there to blink an LED. But I tried using my normal application timers and it did not seem to work. I also tried using nrf_delay_ms() but that did not work either. I hoped it would work because the reference manual says that the following subsystems are still active during Emulated System OFF: DIF, CLOCK, POWER, NVMC, MPU, CPU, CODE, and RAM. So my question: is it possible to do this, and if so what which type of timer is still functional in the emulated System OFF mode (a pointer to some sample code would be great!)? I am not using any soft device. Thanks!