DFU reconnect problem


I am having trouble with DFU. When I try to send new application via NrfConnect, device goes to bootloader, but file transfer is not starting. Only when I reconnect and try again, while device is in bootloader, transfer goes through. DFU code for bootloader and main application is taken from ble_app_hrs.

I have seen similar errors on forums all around, but it was not helpful.

Processor is nrf51822QFAA Softdevice: s130 v2.0.1 nrfConnect: v4.11.0 for Android Phone/Android: Nexus 6p, 7.1.2

This is log file of nrfConnect before entering bootloader: before_bootloader.txt

And this is log file of nrfConnect after reconnecting while device is in bootloader: while_in_bootloader.txt

I will appreciate any suggestion. Thank you in advance.

Best regards