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PCA10000 Tx


I referred to the sample code "led_radio_example" and I think I might miss some thing so the program does not work.

The sample code indicates to use a terminal program on PC to connect to the PCA10000. I have tried "Putty" but there is no response (baud rate 38400, 8 data bits and 1 stop bit). Is there any other terminal program I can use? Or any setting in Putty I might miss?

thanks for help Elca

  • Try checking the COM ports available... I had a similar problem and it turned out to be a question of drivers!

    Best of luck...

  • Thanks for reply. I have tried the sample code "uart_example" with PCA10001 and it works. I suppose the COM ports would be available.

  • I have the same problem, but I tried using Docklite and example: uart_example. When I connect board pca10000, and run example for that board, Docklite screen is empty. When pca10000 is connected and used example for pca10001 everything works just fine. Then I tried copying pca10001 main code into pca10000 main code, but the mistake has been retained. Program stops at:


    and in there:

    simple_uart_putstring((const uint8_t *)" \n\rStart: ");


    also here it stays forever:

    void simple_uart_put(uint8_t cr)
      NRF_UART0->TXD = (uint8_t)cr;
      while (NRF_UART0->EVENTS_TXDRDY!=1)
        // Wait for TXD data to be sent

    During this changes (between examples for pca10000 and pca10001) I haven't connected and disconnected little board, so I think that COM ports haven't changed).

    Also example: led_radio_example, doesn't work. I think the main problem is with uart communication at pca10000. First mission is to understand why doesn't UART work with example for pca10000, but it's working with pca10001? Also when I connect pca10001 and run matching uart_example everything works just fine.

  • In the EK_User_Guide, Page 24, the Development Dongle v2.0 UART lines are connected to pins P0.08 to P0.11 as shown in Table 5. The actual problem is the pins changed.

  • I just got stung by this too.

    Turns out I have an earlier version of the PCA10000 board. Check your board to see if you have V1.0 like I do. If so, this fix is easy... once you know anyway.

    Go to Includes/boards/pca10000.h. There is an #if /#else construct for selecting between board versions. Change to #if 0 for V1.0 and away you go.