Maximum power consumption

Hi, were are looking forward to redesign our PCB. The nRF51822 will communicate via I2C which sinks up to 3 mA and 15 IOs will source the maximum rate of 15mA. Additional to this, the Bluetooth will consume power.

I can not find any information about the maximum consumption of the chip. Can you please tell me the treshholds. Is the described configuration possible and the chip will be able to drive the radio without any issues?

  • By maximum consumption of the chip, do you mean how much maximum current consumption the chip can handle? Essentially if the chip is powerful enough to run your configuration, right? With high-drive enabled, you can sink up to 15 mA max on all GPIO's (see link). So this shouldn't be a problem. The radio consumes some current too, but not nearly as much as all of the GPIO's on average (see link). Seeing that I2C sinks up to 3 mA, I am pretty certain that the nrf51 should be able to handle about 20 mA (see link)