Big picture view of using nRF52 as a BLE MIDI add-on

I have the nRF52 Dev Kit running now on Mac OS with SES. (for reference to this topic: click here)

My end result is to use the nRF52 chip as part of a MIDI wind controller. I use the Teensy Arduino compatible MCU for the bulk of the wind controller, including creating MIDI messages that can be sent to a MIDI synthesizer over USB MIDI or via serial (UART).

I want to leverage the MIDI over BLE specified at

I expect I'll use BLE to communicate:

  • MIDI messages out to a synthesizer (e.g. Garageband on the iPhone or Mac)
  • Firmware updates in to the nRF52 chip and to the Wind Controller MCU from a Web App
  • Wind Controller battery status to a host (such as the iPhone)

I am assuming the following:

  • I need to incorporate the nRF52 chip into my board design (just the chip... no external antenna)
  • I need to flash the nRF52 with all of the needed BLE services and characteristics somehow - ideally, from the Teensy MCU


  • Am I on the right track above?
  • Can anyone recommend a consultant (paid or otherwise) who could coach me on this?