Unable to debug with Hardfault_Handler


SDK 14.2

My application is locking up, and finding the cause is proving to be difficult. I've enabled DEBUG and DEBUG_NRF and included the hardfault library from the SDK including the file for the compiler I'm using (GCC, hardfault_handler_gcc.c). I was hopeful seeing the calls to NRF_LOG_ERROR in Hardfault_c_handler() that I might get some information about what is happening, but best I can tell this function is never executed. 

Using Segger's Ozone debugger, I can tell that the call stack halts on <Hardfault_Exception> but no error messages are provided. I've attempted trying to override Hardfault_process() and explicitly generate hardfaults using hardfault_genhf.h functions, but no information is ever provided in RTT. Any ideas on what I'm missing?

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