RTT Control Block location for Segger SystemView

Is it possible to use the Segger SystemView software with the NRF52832? When attempting to use SystemView, I get an error "RTT Control Block not found". It's possible to enter an address or range of addresses in RAM, but I'm unable to find where this is defined. Attempting auto detection of the RTT control block or entering a range covering all of RAM does not work as well.

I've seen issues on devzone in the past attempting to use this software, with responses about a lack of support in SoftDevice. My application does not use any SoftDevice or RTOS.

  • I am not sure what kind of support softdevice needs to add for this? Can you please refer to those devzone links that says that softdevice support is lacking?

  • Hi,


    Have you found the source of the issue?


    This sounds like a problem with the segger drivers or with systemview.

    Be sure to select the correct target (nrf52832_xxaa), and if this still fails, you can manually enter the address of your RTT data.

    Here's an example on how to find the address manually from your own map file:

    $ cat *.map | grep _SEGGER_RTT
                    0x0000000020002XYZ                _SEGGER_RTT

    Enter the address found in the "RTT control block", then you should get an output (you might have to pin-reset your board after opening the RTT).


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