Is there any help on implementing CCID interface (smart card) on nRF52840 USB interface

I'm wondering whether or not nRF52840 can be used for a USB smart card development.

"According to the spec of a USB CCID device (which could be found on, there are three main requirements (mentioned in below) which should be implemented on the chip to convert it to a USB CCID device:

1- USB CCID descriptors should be sent by chip to the host

2- CCID device specs (baud rate, clock frequency,…) should be sent to the host

3- 3 USB endpoints (1 Interrupt endpoint, 2 Bulk endpoints), which are used for sending CCID event notifications and CCID request/responses respectively, should be configured on the chip."

I believe there are some samples of new SDK around HID interface but unfortunately nothing on CCID interface. Is there any source to share with us on developing CCID interface?