nrfjprog can't read/write/erase correctly nrf52840 MX25R6435F QSPI


Using the NRF52840 PDK, I succesfully erase, write and read without any modifications!

I have custom boards which involved a NRF52840 and a MX25R6435F (so same setup as the PDK), I just made modifications on the QspiDefault.ini since my pinout is different.

I try to erase all the flash chip or just one page but nrfjprog doesn't returned me any errors (so success ?) but it has no effects since I can read the chip which gives me 999999999999....9

I also try the --qspicustominit, different write and read mode but no changes.

(Assuming the wires are correctly solde ); channel 0 is clock, channel 1 is DIO0, channel 2 is DIO1 ...

This is the result for running a read of 8 bytes:

Thanks for your time.