3D Motion Problem in a Specified Movement


(I also create an issue over Thingy SDK GitHub page - #29)

It seems to me that there is an issue about the usage of MPU-9250.

I motioned Thingy and I observed its movement on the app. In all movement combination, SDK finds Thingy' s location perfectly (I can see it on the app) except one movement.

Now, I am trying to explain this problematic movement.

I put the Thingy (on its bigger surface) on a table in the way that for example "Nordic Semiconductor" text is seen right to me when I look to the Thingy on the table from above.
I put the thingy like I said (on a flat surface) and without removing Thingy from the table surface, I turned it to clockwise and counterclockwise. This movement occurs very problematic results and I can see it on the app, its location is not stable and it jumps.
Then, I put the Thingy on its other (smaller) surface on the table and I follow the same procedure and again the result is problematic just when I exactly do the SAME movement (clockwise and counterclockwise).

This situation really bad for our future project and I cannot overcome it by myself. I don't know actually MPU driver causes this problem, or your SDK or is it a real problem also.

Could you please help me about that.


Here are my steps while testing the issue:

  • We get Thingy52 and we use your code in this repository under the path: project\pca20020_s132\arm5_no_packs\ble_app_thingy_s132_pca20020.uvprojx.
  • I use Keil and I can build the project with no error or warning
  • I use NRFGostudio to program the device. While doing that, I use the hex file that my Keil generated to program application part and I use the soft device s132 hex file under the path: sdk_components\softdevice\s132\hex
  • Then I download the app Thingy app to Android and iPhone (results same)
  • Then I motion the thingy and observe its motions on the app. My observations are just like mentioned above.