BLE Master Slave


I am doing one more project in that project I want to do following things:

1) my one BLE giga device module(nrf51822) will act as a master(central) & other AT command module will act as a slave(peripheral which connected to micro controller) or mobile bluetooth(slave)

2) I want to communicate to each other & transferring data to each other.

3) All above process i want to monitor on termite terminal at central side ...


please guide me... or provide complete stepwise procedure...

for above POC i am using nrf sdk v10 , 

softdevice s130...

  • Hello,

    When you say "one more project", I assume that you are talking about this one.

    If so, you should already be familiar with the ble_app_uart example. Have you tested the ble_app_uart_c example, found in:



    If you program one development kit with ble_app_uart, and another with ble_app_uart_c, they will connect to each other, and do pretty mutch what you are looking for.

    Note that the ble_app_uart_c device is looking for devices advertising with the NUS UUID, it will connect to the peripheral (ble_app_uart) device. 


    Best regards,