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A *working* demo of Monitor Mode Debug (MMD) on SDK 15, please?

The zipped project attached to this blog doesn't say what SDK version it should work with - but it certainly doesn't work with v15.

Having fixed the Include Paths (whose stupid idea was it to make them absolute?!), I can get the source to compile with SDK v15 - but the link fails:

cannot move location counter backwards (from fffffffffffffc00 to 0000000000000000)

The point at which this is flagged is:

__stack_load_start__ = __SRAM_segment_end__ - 1024;
.stack __SRAM_segment_end__ - 1024 (NOLOAD) : AT(__SRAM_segment_end__ - 1024)
__stack_start__ = .;
*(.stack .stack.*)
. = ALIGN(MAX(__stack_start__ + __STACKSIZE__ , .), 8);

What is wrong, and how to I fix it?

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