flash questions

Question  1 :

I write 512 words to flash but only can get some value right .and some value was wrong.

I  used      fs_store( &one_min_data,

                                                        (uint32_t *)(FLASH_DATA_ADRR),

                                                        (uint32_t *)(&buffer),



The value should be 0 -511 .but the value in the flash is not like that .

By the way my sdk is 12.3.And with   ble app uart     demo.

What  I  have done and init   light   this

err_code = softdevice_sys_evt_handler_set(sys_evt_dispatch);//添加系统事件派发


void sys_evt_dispatch(uint32_t sys_evt)






FS_REGISTER_CFG(fs_config_t one_min_data) =
.callback = one_min_data_flash_ok_event,// Function for event callbacks.
.num_pages = 6, // Number of physical flash pages required.
.priority = 0xFE // Priority for flash usage.

void one_min_data_flash_ok_event(fs_evt_t const * const evt, fs_ret_t result)
    if(evt->id==FS_EVT_STORE && result==FS_SUCCESS)

512 flash write

Question  2 :

I  have tried another way I write three times Continuously. Also use  fs_store()

But the second time always get 00000000.

1st  value 0x55555555    address :122*4096                      ok

2nd value   whatever      address :121*4096                      wrong  get  0x00000000

3rd  value 0x5a5a5a5a    address:120*4096                        ok

And  I found that  no matter  which one is the second to write  it always wrong .