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nrf52840 dongle can't send firmware with nrf-connect desktop

I have already pressed reset in the dongle, it was pulsing red. And when I write it allways says the same error.
I have done this experiment in Ubuntu 16.04 and Windows 10 and I got the same error.

Thx for your help.

PS: It is my first time working with a dongle... so it is possible that I have done some obvious errors.

  • Hi,

    It sounds like you have done everything correctly. The LED will pulse red when the bootloader is running in DFU mode, and the errors you got can show up even after a successful FW because the programmer app will not recognize the dongle unless the upload app includes the USB DFU trigger mechanism (most apps won't enable the USB interface at all).  

    I suggest to try DFU with the blinky .hex below to verify that DFU is working on your setup. Both the RGB and green LED should start blinking if the upload was successful. 


  • Hello,

    Altough it worked I noticed that the dongle is not able to connect again with the PC unless I reset it.
    Probably that is because the blinky.hex is missing the USB DFU trigger. I would lik to incorportate that feature in to my program but I can't find where to learn it, could you point me a site to learn how to implement it?

  • Hello, 

    DFU USB trigger is implemented in the connectivity example (nRF5_SDK_15.2.0_9412b96\examples\connectivity\ble_connectivity\pca10059) and  documentation for the module can be found here: Hope this helps.  

  • I experience the similar problem as Doroana wrote. The first time working with the nrf52840 dongle, trying to flash blinky app (without softdevice) from nRF52 examples for the pca10059 board, pressed the reset button and observing the red led pulsing. I am testing it on Windows 10 Pro with nRF Connect v2.6.1. I also tried the recommended attachment blinky_pca10059_mbr.hex from Vidar Berg, but the same error. After the unsuccessfull writing of hex file, the dongle gets disconnected (not visible in Device Manager), the green and RGB LEDs blinking. Please for help, how to solve that issue. I attach print screen with errors and log file also. 

    2018-12-27T18:00:32.393Z INFO Application data folder: C:\Users\suste\AppData\Roaming\nrfconnect\pc-nrfconnect-programmer
    2018-12-27T18:00:32.621Z DEBUG App pc-nrfconnect-programmer v1.0.1 official
    2018-12-27T18:00:32.621Z DEBUG App path: C:\Users\suste\.nrfconnect-apps\node_modules\pc-nrfconnect-programmer
    2018-12-27T18:00:32.621Z DEBUG nRFConnect 2.6.1 is supported by the app (^2.6.0)
    2018-12-27T18:00:32.621Z DEBUG nRFConnect path: C:\Users\suste\AppData\Local\Programs\nrfconnect\resources\app.asar
    2018-12-27T18:00:32.621Z DEBUG HomeDir: C:\Users\suste
    2018-12-27T18:00:32.621Z DEBUG TmpDir: C:\Users\suste\AppData\Local\Temp
    2018-12-27T18:00:32.636Z INFO Using nrfjprog library 9.8.1, pc-nrfjprog-js 1.4.1
    2018-12-27T18:02:40.695Z INFO Parsing HEX file:  C:\Users\suste\Downloads\blinky_pca10059_mbr.hex
    2018-12-27T18:02:40.702Z INFO File was last modified at  12/27/2018, 4:14:34 PM
    2018-12-27T18:02:40.742Z INFO Data block: 0x00000000-0x00000A18 (0x00000A18  bytes long)
    2018-12-27T18:02:40.742Z INFO Data block: 0x00001000-0x00001640 (0x00000640  bytes long)
    2018-12-27T18:02:52.609Z INFO Using USB SDFU protocol to communicate with target
    2018-12-27T18:02:52.625Z INFO Protocol Version:  1 found
    2018-12-27T18:02:52.627Z INFO Hardware: 52840 found
    2018-12-27T18:02:52.632Z INFO Firmware: Bootloader found
    2018-12-27T18:02:52.632Z INFO Firmware: Application found
    2018-12-27T18:02:54.668Z INFO Hash is generated by SHA256
    2018-12-27T18:02:54.670Z INFO Performing DFU. This may take a few seconds
    2018-12-27T18:02:54.699Z INFO DFU procedure starts. This may take a few seconds.
    2018-12-27T18:02:57.022Z INFO DFU for Application completed successfully!
    2018-12-27T18:02:57.023Z INFO 0 dfu package(s) left.
    2018-12-27T18:02:57.023Z INFO Waiting for device
    2018-12-27T18:03:02.030Z ERROR Reopen device failed: Timeout while waiting for device  F0691BF7D95B to be attached and enumerated
    2018-12-27T18:03:02.031Z INFO Nordic DFU Trigger Interface was not found.Please physically reset device.
    2018-12-27T18:03:02.035Z ERROR Device not found due to failure during DFU
    2018-12-27T18:03:02.115Z INFO Target device closed.