nRF52832 DK with SDK 15.2 OLED Display (128x32) with SSD1306 problem

Hello everyone.

I am trying to use my oled display with my nRF52832. I found a library that had been written before:

The problem is that library works on SDK 10 and I cannot manage to build the code with SDK 15.2.0. Differences between SDK versions are causing problems for me.

For example, While APP_TIMER_INIT is useful for a SDK, other SDK works with APP_TIMER_DEF. Differences like these disable me having action on my OLED display. How can I handle differences between SDKs ? Is there any way to find current names of functions, macros etc. in old SDKs. Maybe, how can I have a ssd1306 library for current SDK version. 

I hope I could explain my problem properly.

Thank you.

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