How optimize high current consumption in sleep mode using nRF52840?

Hello to all,

We have developed our application & the following platform we are using:

  • SDK 15.0, Segger IDE on windows PC
  • Softdevice version is 6.0.0
  • Hardware version nRF52840 SoC.
  • Our product is battery operated, so high power consumption is serious an issue for us.

In our application we have used ble_app_uart example with SAADC because our sensor is analog. We also made custom PCB using nRF52840 and it working well not an issue. But our problem is very too much high current consumption is sleep mode means system OFF mode.

Here is below measured analysis with the help of Nordic Power Profile kit:

  1. The average current consumption while advertising is 962uA - 1.62mA I think this is OK.
  2. The average current consumption when sensor device enter into sleep mode is 562uA (Which is very high)

We have disabled all used peripheral before enter device into sleep mode as like below:

void sleep_mode_enter() {
  uint32_t err_code;
  NRF_LOG_INFO("Sleep mode Enter");
  flash_data_sending = false;
  start_measurement = false;
  nrf_gpio_pin_clear(SENSOR_PIN);  // OFF Sensor
  nrf_gpio_pin_set(GREEN_LED_PIN); // OFF Green LED
  nrf_gpio_pin_set(BLUE_LED_PIN);  // OFF BLUE LED
  err_code = app_uart_close();
  NRF_LOG_INFO("UART close: %d", err_code);

void stop_adc() {

We have tested our hardware and sure this not hardware problem because when our device enter into deep sleep mode system OFF that time the current consumption near about 0.7uA to 1uA. Even when our designed firmware upload into nRF52840 DK and measured consumption using PPK that time got same results.


  1. Why this too much very high power consumption getting in sleep mode?
  2. Is any wrong in our sleep mode enter function and disabled module functions?

Will you please suggest any solution, We should need to optimize this consumption to increase battery life because our sensor devices is battery operated.

Looking forward your response..!!

Thanks in advanced..!!