Enabling CMSIS Configuration Wizard


I am working with SDK 15.3.0 and the nRF 52832.  I am working with the Segger IDE v4.16.

I attempted to load the scripting as instructed in the SDK documentation and installed the script as follows in the tools.xml file:


  <!-- PC-lint - http://www.gimpel.com/html/pcl.htm -->

  <if host_os="win">
    <item name="Tool.PClint">
      <menu>&PC-lint (Unit Check)</menu>
      <text>PC-lint (Unit Check)</text>
      <tip>Run a PC-lint unit checkout on the selected file or folder</tip>
      <key>Ctrl+L, Ctrl+P</key>
        "$(LINTDIR)/lint-nt" -v -incvar(__CW_ARM) -i$(LINTDIR)/lnt co-gcc.lnt $(DEFINES) $(INCLUDES) -D__GNUC__ -u -b +macros +macros -w2 -e537 +fie +ffn -width(0,4) -hF1 "-format=%f:%l:%C:\s%t:\s%m [-e%n]" "$(InputPath)"
    <item name="Tool.CMSIS_Config_Wizard" wait="no">
      <menu>&CMSIS Configuration Wizard</menu>
      <text>CMSIS Configuration Wizard</text>
      <tip>Open a configuration file in CMSIS Configuration Wizard</tip>
      <message>CMSIS Config</message>
        java -jar "$(CMSIS_CONFIG_TOOL)" "$(InputPath)"


However, when I right-click on the sdk_config.h file, I do not get the option of using the CMSIS editor.

I followed the video instructions and the instructions in the SDK Documentation.