Open Thread TX power API


I'm doing some tests with TX power on my development kit and I would like to increase my transmission power in openthread FTD to +8 dbm. 

I had read this thread and tried to look for the otLinkSetMaxTransmitPower  api in the Link.h files but I'm not finding it there anymore.

Has this been moved? 


  • Hi.

    Have you had a look at the file openthread\include\openthread\platform\radio.h

    You can use otPlatRadioSetTransmitPower():

     * Set the radio's transmit power in dBm.
     * @param[in] aInstance  The OpenThread instance structure.
     * @param[in] aPower     The transmit power in dBm.
     * @retval OT_ERROR_NONE             Successfully set the transmit power.
     * @retval OT_ERROR_NOT_IMPLEMENTED  Transmit power configuration via dBm is not implemented.
    otError otPlatRadioSetTransmitPower(otInstance *aInstance, int8_t aPower);

    Best regards,