How to receive SMS message in standby mode in nRF9160?

I want to wake up nRF9160 by SMS.

What I want to do:

The nRF9160 usually sleeps to reduce power consumption, and only when it receives SMS it wakes up and send some data by UDP or so.

I succeeded in implementing MQTT(+TLS), but have no experience to implement SMS function.

Any advice?

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  • Hi Yusuke, sounds like your development would be similar to ours. I am wondering that when you succeeded in implementing MQTT(+TLS) to wake up the device and send some data by UDP, is the LTE module in PSM? Did you successfully implement SMS function? I have been trying to implement the method to wake up the LTE by sending SMS and send some data to the server by UDP. If you don't mind, please exchange the information. Thanks