Measurement of NRF 52832 broadcast interval

Using the ble_app_uart example,
Using oscilloscope to measure the time interval of broadcasting, two development boards are used respectively.
One development board is nrf51422, the other is nrf52832.
Among them, nrf51422 uses an oscilloscope to measure the antenna, and the oscilloscope displays the accurate broadcast time interval.
The nrf52832 development board does not show the broadcast interval in the same way as the oscilloscope.

The following figure



  • Hi,

    The reason that you're measuring a signal under TX on the nRF51 is that it has a DC component on ANT from VDD_PA. You're probably seeing the DC pulse "leaking" through the matching network, and you can measure the same signal directly on VDD_PA (the signal is always high during TX). The nRF52 on the other hand doesn't have this, which explains why aren't observing the same on the nRF52 DK.



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