nRF52832 Flash_fds example


I am using nRF52832 mcu, trying to run the flash data storage example but is having some trouble.

I followed the instructions to set up the terminal setting for UART using PuTTY, but nothing happens when I click on OPEN. I am using the newest version for PuTTY. Is there any setting that I might also have to change other than those specified in the instructions?

Thank you!

  • Hi,

    Are you using the nRF52 DK?

    Which one of the examples are you using (blank or s132)? Note that if you use the s132 version you need to program the s132 SoftDevice as well. This is done automatically from SES when using a SES project, but if you use other toolchains or program manually using e.g. nrfjprog then you must make sure to program both application and SoftDevice.

    In putty, did you set both "Terminal settings" and "UART and USB settings"?

    In the project, is it configured to use UART for CLI (in sdk_config.h)? (Settings should be good if unmodified example from SDK.)

    Note also that you need to select the correct serial line in PuTTY, e.g. the correct COM port. (One easy way to figure out what is the correct COM port is to use the nRF Connect BLE app, as it will list available devices under "Select device" with PCA number and serial port.